In its 1905-6 bulletin, the Vermont Free Public Library Commission reported the the Incorporated Village of West Burke voted to establish a library and would receive one hundred dollars in books from the state. At this time Vermont had 223 libraries. In 1914 the village again voted to establish a public library and appropriated twenty-five dollars for its maintenance. The West Burke Library Association gave the new library its books, bringing the total number in the collection to 800 volumes.

In 1915 the State Board of Education Free Public Library Bulletin reported: “The West Burke Village Library which at present is located in a room in a dwelling house, is looking forward to new and permanent quarters. Several years ago the Universalist Church of the village burned and was never rebuilt. Insurance and gift money have accumulated interest until the sum of $4500 is now available. According to the charter, this money must be used for a Universalist Church or it reverts to the charter members or their heirs. The need for the church is very small, as most of the members have either moved away or died, but there is a great need of a library and community building. Mr. W. W. Marshall of Hardwick, a native of West Burke, has made a very generous offer. If the Universalist Society will use its money to put in a good foundation, he will give $8000 for the building which is to be made of brick and in the form of a church. When completed it will be known as the Universalist Church, but the plans provide that the front half of the main floor shall be used for the library and community use, and all outside of the furnace room in the basement, shall be used for community affairs. Work has been started on the foundation, which will be completed this Fall. The upper structure will be started in the spring and must be completed before December first, 1924.”

The library moved into the church July 7, 1927. At this time the library and the Universalist Church entered into an agreement on the upkeep and occupancy of the building.

Some past librarians include: Alice Townsend, Grace Knight, Margaret Ball, Marion Carr, Ester Murray, Leah Wells, and Kay Weed.


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