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  1. Richard A. Warren says:

    I’m attempting to follow up on some genealogical research that my father did back in 1987. He visited and spoke to Phyllis Burbank who provided him with some great information extracted from Marjory Temple’s book about the WALTER family. My particular interest is to find a copy or an actual reference to Marjory’s book so that I can follow up on my Dad’s work. I do understand that the information might not be available outside of area since Phyllis was in the process of working on the West Burke history; this in preparation for the 200th anniversary celebration of the town in the year 1996. Please let me know if you can help locate this book so that I can continue my Dad’s unfinished work!
    Best regards,
    Richard A. Warren


    • Hi! Sorry to be so late to reply. I haven’t seen a book on the Walter Family in the library, I’m afraid. Phyllis has written her book on West Burke History and I can mail you a copy if you like. If you can tell me where and when they lived, and what work they were engaged in, I can ask around at the senior center for you.

      Judy Hishikawa


      • Richard A. Warren says:

        Thanks very much for your reply! I’d love to get a copy of Phyllis’ book about West Burke History. Can you email me a copy or is it a physical document? The information that I’m looking for is in regards to finding information about Joshua Warren (1777-1816(???)) and/or his wife Jerusha Walter.

        The information that we currently have is the following: Joshua married Miss Jerusha WALTER of East Haven, Vermont approximately 1795-1800. Jerusha was daughter of John and Sarah (GLEASON ) WALTER and was born in Winchester,Connecticut January 18, 1777. She (Jerusha) had a brother Norris and a sister Cynthia. Cynthia married Ranney SPENCER and their son was the first male child born in Burke, Vermont. Of Joshua and Jerusha, we know that there was a son IRA born on March 14,1805 in East Haven,Vermont, but the census of 1800 [Billymead (now Sutton)] mentions Joshua having a wife and one son of whom we have no record. Lastly, I recently found a probate record in Worcester Massachusetts which gives Guardianship in 1816, of a son of Joshua Warren (late of Lindon Vermont) who is identified as minor but over 14 years of age.

        All in all, we seem to be at a dead end with respect to finding records regarding Joshua Warren and his family, so any new information that we find about the Walter family and or Joshua Warren would be terrific as would any suggestions!

        Many thanks,


      • Richard,

        You seem to be indeed connected to Burke! Phyllis Burbank is not doing well, health-wise, so if you want to talk to her, come on up or call her quick, 802-467-3753. As for her book, I can mail you a copy, easy enough. Interestingly, the first settler in Burke, according to that book, was a Lemuel Walter in 1792 who cleared land a built a cabin on land that became Darling’s Mountain View Farm. He lived there alone until he brought his family in 1794 from Connecticut. A John and Ira Walter also came, and a Ranney Spencer. The Burke Historical Society has these records if you want to come see them. They are housed in East Burke in the Burke Mountain Club. Contact Charlotte Downs or Mary Jane Morrin there for more information. The contact info is on the Burke Town Web site: http://www.burkevermont.org/library-east-burke.php, or try their facebook page. Here’s the address:

        368 VT Route 114
        East Burke, Vermont 05832
        Phone (802) 626-9823

        An E.J. Warrens had a blacksmith shop in West Burke As of 1931. There is no index for family names, but I’m glancing through the book for you. About 1830, David Packard and Ira Walter built a woolen factory in East Burke. In West Burke Warren and Watchie (p.16) ran a blacksmith shop, from a 1879 article in the Vermont Union-Journal, which Phyllis quotes.
        Have you tried the cemetery records? Vermont has good records online.

        All the best,

        Judy Hishikawa


  2. Ed says:


    I would like to request a new children’s book if you have it. If not available, I’d like to request that the library purchase it for circulation.

    Title – Crazy Shoes: A Book of Poems
    Author: Brenda Mota
    ISBN-10: 1541320441
    ISBN-13: 978-1541320444

    It’s also available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1541320441/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1513818153&sr=1-5&keywords=crazy+shoes

    Thank you!



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